A world built in 2 weeks for round 5 of the Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. Our aim was to create a visually striking 3-player world in the CAVE, the main aim being getting the players to look around the cave and cooperate by communicating among themselves.

The CAVE is a special experience room in the ETC, with 3 screens perpendicular to each other, and a platform in the middle for players that can "rumble" with hydraulics.

The premise was that the players were 3 elemental angels guarding the gates of heaven from an incoming demon horde. Each angel can only kill one type of demon, forcing players to communicate to keep the demons from breaking their shield. The angels attack the demons by manipulating the environment (eg: ice shards shooting from a nearby ice mountain, molten fiery rocks flying from a nearby volcano and lightning).

After a while, the demon horde is stemmed, and at the end of a "rising tension" moment, a giant demon smashes into the ground (the hydraulic floor rises and drops at this point). Themed voice prompts indicate to the players that they must target at the same point and fire together to defeat the demon.

The game used 3 PSMoves as player targeting devices, and Phidgets to control the CAVE floor hydraulics.