A world built in 1 week for round 3 of Building Virtual Worlds course at ETC. The focus to build a fun and replayable experience.

In the game, you control a smuggler ship trying to get through an asteroid field to a planet on the other side. You have a rechargeable energy shield. You can also pick up crates on the way to boost your score multiplier. There are also other things scattered in the world, like the "B" bomb, which clears all asteroids in front of you, and "S" overshield, which make your shield invulnerable for a few seconds. Aside from this, there are also short "jump pads" to boost a few thousand meters forward. The score is determined by how far you've traveled and by your multiplier from collecting the blue crates.

We built a custom "Captain's Command Chair" prop for this game. On the right arm of the chair, a LeapMotion is fixed, which is used to control the orientation and speed of the ship. On the left arm, three buttons were fixed (using Makey Makey): one for the Overshield, one for the Bomb, and a third button which changed music tracks (for dramatic effect during demonstration).

The LeapMotion controls worked as follows:
1. Palm orientation was tied to the ship orientation.
2. Palm height controlled the speed (lower = slower)
3. A quick "jab" in one direction causes the ship to "jump" a bit in that direction, a la emergency evasion thrusters.